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In the following general conditions the user can view all the rules governing the relationships that exist:

1) between SDM Real Estate Agency and owner of the properties;

2) between SDM Real Estate Agency and tourist-guest;

3) between tourist/guest and owners of properties.




The real-estate agency SDM of Leone Mariantonietta based in Lecce in Viale della Libertà 47, Vat n° 04506500752, carries out the activity of real estate brokerage and tourism promotion for the rent of properties, that owners intend to offer to customers (tourists-guests).

Rive del Salento, brand of the SDM Real Estate Agency, is authorized by the owners to provide the following services:

  • Advertising the property on www.rivedelsalento.it and on other websites and platforms, which offer holiday proposals and on any other appropriate mean of communication;
  • Managing reservations of the properties on behalf and interest of the owner;
  • The rental relationship is between the customer and the owner of the property. It follows that the Agency remains extraneous to this rental relationship;
  • Property management, such as cleaning and problem solving operations, is carried out directly by the owners or his representatives, not by the Agency.




The Customer, by making a reservation through the Agency, declares to be aware of the content of this information document and to expressly and unequivocally accept the following general rental conditions:

  1. The reservation is confirmed only and exclusively when the deposit / down payment is received by bank transfer, credit card, postal order, bank check, cash.

  2. Once the booking has been confirmed by the Agency, the rental relationship will be directly between the Client and the Owner.

  3. The Customer expressly excludes any other and different use of the property, than that of temporary housing.

  4. The Customer must provide the Agency at the beginning of the stay with a list of all the names, complete with personal data, of the people who will occupy the property. This number may in no case be higher than the number of sleeps as shown in the property description, unless specifically and previously agreed in writing with the Agency.

  5. The Customer can cancel the booking, by registered letter with return receipt or by email, in the 31 days prior to arrival, followed by written confirmation from the Agency. In this case, the entire paid amount as a deposit will be lost. In the event that the cancellation of the booking occurs within a period of less than 31 days prior to arrival, the customer, in addition to losing the paid deposit, must pay a penalty equal to 30% of the entire rent. If the cancellation occurs after the payment of the balance, the Customer will lose all and any paid sum in full and with the express exclusion of compensation for any damages.

  6. The rental relationship is between the customer and the owner of the property. It follows that the agency remains extraneous to this rental relationship and to any request of damage.

  7. At Check-in, the Customer is required to present the booking confirmation made with the agency, to privde an ID-Card or Passport, to pay the balance by cash (€ 1999,99 is the limit for each person), by credit-card. Bank or postal checks are not accepted. After checking that the property matches photos and generic descrptions, published by the agency, the client and the owner have to sign the lease Agreement for tourism purpose.

  8. With the pick-up of the keys of the property, the Customer will become the guardian of the property and furnishings, systems and equipment. He will occupy the property with the diligence of a good father/mother, making himself responsible for any caused damage, also on behalf of all those who stay in the property during the stay.

  9. The owner is solely responsible for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property, of furnishings and equipment. Therefore, the Customer cannot intervene in case of failures to the systems (water, electricity, irrigation, pool purification, etc ...), but limit himself to informing the owner or his delegate, who will solve the problem as soon as possible. In case of non-compliance with this prohibition, the customer will be held responsible for the caused damage, understood as out-of-pocket expenses, emerging damage and loss of profit.

  10. The Owner or his delegate reserve the right of access, in agreement with the Customer, in order to carry out routine maintenance of the property, furnishings, systems (pool), equipment and green spaces.

  11. At the time of collection of the keys, the Customer will pay the damage deposit, as indicated in the Booking Confirmation, to guarantee any damage that may be caused, during the stay, to the property itself, in its structural components, systems, furnishings and anything else taken into custody. Should the caused damage exceed the paid amount as damage deposit, the Customer have to pay a compensation for the greater damage. The damage deposit, in consideration of the type and duration of the contract, will be non-interest bearing and, subject to verification of the absence of damage, it will be returned at the end of the stay.

  12. The property is delivered clean and in perfect order. Therefore the Customer, where specified in the property description, is required to pay the pre-established amount directly to the owner or his representative. This amount, in any case, does not include the cleaning of the kitchenette and the removal of rubbish which are always the responsibility of the customer. Failing this, the owner or his representative may charge the customer the extra cost, which cannot be less than € 50.00. This amount will be deducted directly from the damage deposit.

  13. If not included in the booking price, the customer must pay the utility costs (gas, electricity, water, etc.), based on the actual consumption at check-out. This amount can also be deducted directly from the damage deposit.

  14. If for reasons of force majeure (by way of example but not limited to: ruin of the property, damage to systems that prevent the use of the property, ablation measures of the public administration and / or judicial authority), the Owner unable to guarantee the rental in the booked period, it will be the responsibility of the Agency to re-protect the client in another equivalent or higher accommodation at the discretion of the Agency itself after agreement with the client. In case of lack of agreement, the paid paid by the customer will be returned by bank transfer to the IBAN that the customer will indicate; without recognition of further sums. In any case, the agency will remain excluded from the contractual relationship between owner and customer and no objection of any title can be raised.

  15. For any controversy, the Court of Lecce will have the exclusive and conventional jurisdiction.

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