Terms & Conditions


In the following general conditions, the user / customer can view all the rules governing the relationships that exist:

1) between SDM Real Estate Agency and owner of the properties;

2) between SDM Real Estate Agency and tourist-guest;

3) between tourist/guest and owners of properties.




The real-estate agency SDM of Leone Mariantonietta based in Lecce in Viale della Libertà 47, Vat n° 04506500752 and tax n° LNEMNT76B53LO11V, carries out the activity of real estate brokerage and tourism promotion for the rent of properties, that owners intend to offer to customers (tourists-guests).


Rive del Salento, brand of the SDM Real Estate Agency, is authorized by the owners to provide the following services:


  1. Advertising the property on www.rivedelsalento.it, owned by the Agency, and on other websites and platforms, which offer holiday proposals and on any other appropriate mean of communication;
  2. Managing reservations of the properties on behalf and interest of the owner without charging any extra cost to the final customer. Welcome, check-in and check-out, collection of the balance, or other extra costs/services are entirely under the responsibility of the owner.
  3. Requiring through the booking-form on the bank account of the owner an advance payment on the price established directly by SDM.
  4. Cleaning and problem solving operations are carried out directly by the owners or his representatives.
  5. Extra Service on demand such as boat rentals or transfers are carried out by special companies external to the agency SDM. To avoid any inconvenience in relation to these extra services and for more information the customer/guest must inform himself, in advance, of the person providing the services.
  6. The rental relationship is between the customer and the owner of the property. It follows that the agency remains extraneous to this rental relationship, because it offers only mediation tourist services.

Making a reservation through the agency, the customer (tourist-guest) declares to be aware of the contents of this document and to agree, expressly and unequivocally, the following general rental terms:

a) The customer expressly excludes any other use of the property, which is only for temporary rent and exclusive tourist purpose;

b) The reservation is confirmed only if the owner receives the advance payment, by bank transfer, credit card (if applicable), postal order, cash. The balance will be paid upon arrival or if required 6 weeks before arrival. In this case of missed payment of the balance on time, the Agency may cancel the reservation.

c) On arrival the customer must present to the owner or his/her representative the voucher, a valid identity document (passport or ID-Card) for recording all presences as per applicable laws and must pay the balance.
This payment must be made in cash, credit card (where expected), cashier's check (issued by an Italian bank). Therefore bank checks or postal will not be accepted. After checking the conformity of the property with the photos and descriptions published by the Agency, between the parties (owner and customer) will be signed a lease for tourist use. Finally, the owner will issue a receipt for the received balance. In case of payment in cash the limit is € 2.999 per each adult occupant who will rent the property.

d) the customer can cancel the reservation sending a written notice by fax, e-mail or registered letter, losing the paid amount. 
If the cancellation of the reservation occurs after the payment of the balance, the Customer will lose in full any and all paid amounts and with express exclusion of compensation for any damages.

e) The rental relationship is between the customer and the owner of the property. It follows that the agency remains extraneous to this rental relationship, because it offers only mediation tourist services.

f) The customer must provide the owner with a list of all names, complete with personal data, of the persons who will occupy the building. This number cannot in any case be higher than that of the beds as resulting in the description of the property, unless specific and prior agreement with the Agency.

g) With the pick-up of the keys of the property, the customer will become the guardian of the property, furniture and so on. He will own the property with the diligence of a good father/mother, and will return at the end of the period of use the keys.

h) The owner or his delegate will provide for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the rented property. Therefore, the customer, and those with him, during the stay will not be able to maneuver or tamper with the commands that regulate the operation of the plant (water, electricity, swimming pool, irrigation, etc.). In case of need, the customer must contact the owner or his representative, who will solve the problem as soon as possible. In case of non-observance of this prohibition, the customer will be held responsible for caused damages, understood as emerging damage and loss of profit.

i) At the keys pick-up, the customer will pay the damage deposit, as indicated in the voucher, to cover any damages caused to the property, to its furniture and everything else taken into custody. If the damage should exceed the amount paid as deposit, the customer will pay the most damage. The deposit, in consideration of the type and duration of the contract, in case of no damage will be refundable entirely at the end of the holiday period.

l) The owner or his representative reserves the right of access, agreed with the customer, in order to carry out the ordinary maintenance operations of the building (swimming pool, garden, etc ..).

m) All properties are delivered clean and in perfect order. The customer, where specified in the description of the property, will pay to the owner or his representative an amount for the cleaning. This amount in any case does not include the cleaning of the kitchen and garbage removal, which are always the responsibility of the customer. In default, the owner or his representative may charge the customer an extra cost (min. 50€).

n) If the costs for utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.) are not included in the rent agreed with the Agency, these will be calculated, based on actual consumption, and paid at the time of departure deducted or in case of non-agreement from the damage deposit.

o) If the owner is unable to guarantee the rental in the booked period to the customer, the Agency will be responsible for replace the client in another equivalent or superior accommodation, at the discretion of the same. In case of non-agreement, all paid amounts will be returned to the customer, which cannot require any compensation for greater damages.

p) For any controversy or dispute arising from the interpretation of this contract, shall be referred exclusively and conventionally to the Court of Lecce.

 Agenzia Immobiliare SDM di Mariantonietta Leone, Viale della Libertà 47 - 73100 Lecce - Italia, C.f. LNEMNT76B53L011V - Rea CCIAA di Lecce n° 297158 - Ruolo Mediatori 2011000126